Thursday, December 8, 2011

Could it really be?

Dont you freakin love my cousin Shanettes hair!! We do each others hair and I love it.. we got a great system goin on! ha
my cute sister sierra (right) love her hair! its gettin so long
Arent my sisters the cutest.. i didn't do camilles (left) because I was to busy doin Sierras.. they both turned out so cute dont you think?
The many styles of Camille

I loved camilles hair when it was like this..cut and color!

3 of my favorite clients ever

I dont get to do Amandas hair anymore.. but i sure do miss my times with her.. She is so fun!

I love love love doin brits hair.. her hair always colors so good and i love the way her hair falls!
This is bethany and I have posted bout her before. Right before we did this she said she wanted blonde but she would only come in like every 4 months and I told her she would have major regrowth but come to find out she was battling cancer and she wanted to go blonde before she lost all her hair.. Right before she startin losin all of it she came in and wanted it red red.. like the reddest you have ever seen.. and i didn't take a picture but i wish i would have.. I sure do miss her.. she never said alot but i enjoyed my time with her.. i dont even remember her last name and I wish i did so i could call her and catch up with her.. i think about her often and i hope she has gotten over that nasty cancer...
My old station that I use to work at..sure do miss this place and the people!

Goodbye 7 inches of long nasty..haha I made my mom!

This is my hair as of date...I was a little skeptical bout goin dark but Im so glad I did!
My nasty before shot
You cant see Jo skyys hair all that good but its just long and dark and so beautiful and I love her!!
Love love sam... I got to grow up with Sam and am very best friends with her sister amanda and now she married Jakes cousin so I get to see her quite frequently and Im so glad...she is so beautiful and I love her hair like this:)
Jodi---- always has me do something different- short, long, blonde, black and its so fun.. she always keeps me on my feet!
Love me some Amee of the funnest and outgoin people ever!!
My cute sister in law Meag... meag always likes to experiment and i love it when shes got a new picture to show me of what she wants..

So glad my little Pais has long enough hair so I can do it!!..turned out a little POOFY!!
Isnt she the cutest??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally a new post.. and lots of pics!!

I freakin love Alli!! She is so dang cute as you can tell from
her pic... This time she was just ready for a change.. So she did some
research and brought in a couple of cute cuts.. She is perfect for this
hairstyle and she always does it so cute!!

Here is my friend Whit.. She has extensions but Marie does
them. We just colored her hair to blend with her extensions
a little better:)

This is Brandi.. and she use to babysit me when a was a lil tike.
It was so funny I had talked to her on the phone and had no idea
it was her then when she walked in I was so shocked. I don't think
I have seen her since she use to babysit me.. haha she is so stinkin
cute and was just ready for a change. So we lightened her up a little
and put some brown in it and cut quite some length off.

Karen has the thinnest hair known to man:) She got married
in the summer so when we colored it for her wedding she was like
k after my wedding i'm so cuttin it off. I think we ended up cuttin about
2 inches off and did some layerin just at the bottom. This is the perfect
cut for her cause you would never look at her and think she has way thin
hair. I recomment people with thin hair do somethin like this.. Thank
goodness for illusions! HAHA Oh and we cut her bangs and I have been
loving bangs lately:)

This is my mother-in-law Diane. We had done her hair the
night before but I had to get a picture before I left to go
back to Cedar. Diane mostly likes it blonde but as you can see
in the bottom pic she has a brown shadow box. We also put
that brown a little in the top just to break it up and blend it in
with the bottom:)

This is my sister in law Kera... I have been loving her style
lately. She use to have it all stacked in the back but she wanted
a change so we cut up the back so it was all one lenght and I
LOVE it on her. We also keep her hair pretty blonde but we also do
the bottom brown and put some brown in the top also. I had a hard
time finding the right lightt so you could really see the colors so thats
why I have no front view... the side sure is cute huh???

This is my other sister in law Meagan. Earlier this year she
wanted to start growin it out.. blah!! lol well her hair does grow
pretty fast and it got down to her collor bone but she just wasn't
loving it anymore so she was like OK CHOP TIME:) I just love
those words! Her husband trav was huntin and he wanted it long
so I kept askin her are you sure, are you sure? I thought trav
was goin to kill me when he got home be he ended up loving it.
We cut about 4 1/2 inches off and cut her bangs also. She looks
so dang cute and I just love her with short hair better:)

For the longest time Meag just always had a one solid color
dark. So in the summer we started experimentin on her and changin
up her color. I love what we did this last time. It is very fallish and
perfect for this time of year. It looked so much healthier after the new
cut and we put this really shiny color coating on it. Her head was like glowing:)
I kinda wanted to lick it hahaha

That next day I was getting my hair colored and I just loved
Meagans so much she inspired me to go darker. It took me
so long to get my hair as blonde as it was but if you know me
i'm aways wantin a change. Its just hair ya know. So we put
some dark in and i'm loving it. I love change:) p.s. don't mind
my weird smile .. i look kinda fake haha

FYI-- Marie sales True Religion jeans at our shop for way cheap!!
These jeans are usually $350.. she sales them for $70 bones. I know
your thinkin $70 for jeans is still way expensive but they are so worth
it.. they are so comfy, they make you look skinnier, and lets be honest..
isn't the stitchin just way freakin cute!! I always get so many compliments
on mine and I wish I could sleep in them every night:) Check em out!!

Melissa had been featured on here before. She has recently
returned from a mish and the 1st time we did it we kept it really
natural looking. Well she decided she wanted to be more blonde.
It turned out way cute and she loved it. BOYS.. she is on the prawl!

Meet Sarah.. We went to highschool with each other and its
always fun to visit with her and catch up. She use to always wear
her hair short in school but she has grown it out and I love long
hair on her. She has naturally red hair but we put some blonde and a
brown throughout it. I love all these colors together and it turned out
way dang cute:)

Oh man.. I can't get over how cute Rachels hair turned out.
If you look below you will see her before. Marie usually does
her hair but Rachel has been wanting it long for so long so Marie
would do her extensions and she had her hair brown and blonde.
So when she told Marie she wanted to chop it off and color it black, Marie
was like no way.. I wont do that. I was like .. BE NOT AFRAID.. I WILL
DO IT!! I asked her a million times before I put her color on and cut it if
she was sure. It turned out so cute and she loved it. I wanted this cut right after
I cut it..... I love change!!!

She looks completely different huh!! Yay for Rachel:)